Something I’m Passionate About, and Why.

One of my earliest childhood memories is jumping on my sister’s bed (something I was never allowed to do) while my dad played me my favourite song – The Beatles’ cover of Twist and Shout. For as long as I can remember music has been something that deeply moved me. Besides a few chords on a guitar, I don’t really play any instruments. Luckily I was born in 1990 and by the time I got my first laptop you could torrent programs like Reason and build your own songs without any real instruments at your disposal. I was hooked. Definitely not good. But hooked.

Since that time I’ve gotten a diploma in the field, finished like 2 whole songs (wow), and actually purchased my preferred DAW, Ableton, and [most] of the plugins I use in production. On paper I’ve even started my own audio related business, it just wouldn’t be able to pay for one month of my cell phone bill at this stage. I think we’ve made about 42$ total. But it was a fulfilling 42$! And that’s what I’m after in my entrepreneurial endeavors, baby! #Fulfillment.

I’ve only been producing for a handful of years, but I’ve been a true fan of music for as long as I can remember. My dad passed on his love and fascination for The Beatles and I’ve built on that. I’d easily get Paul McCartney or deadmau5’s autograph tattooed on my body. He also passed on a love for live shows that I’ve taken and run with. We’d go to the type of concerts where you simply sit in your stadium seats and enjoy the show. An experience I still love. But nowadays when I go to a show I’m usually there for some sort of transcendent experience. Music has always been something that can give me chills. I love being immersed in it. And if there’s one thing that concerts offer today, it’s immersion.

Being the arrogant prick that I am, I wasn’t happy enough to simply enjoy music from the sidelines. I somehow thought I had a place contributing to the musical ethos. Silly me. I should have known how torturous it would be to admit I truly love something and try to pursue it. Music production is definitely my greatest source of procrastination and frustration. But I look at my writer’s block as an inner battle that I need to fight every day of my life. It’s no surprise that I’ve only finished a couple tracks. But every step towards finishing a project brings me a type of joy that is worth the trouble.

Since graduating high school I struggled to find something I was passionate enough to pursue in school. I tried university a couple times, I even tried a semester of Police Foundations. But around that time I began taking online courses in music production. Those online courses snowballed into a full time diploma program in Music Industry Arts. And with a diploma in MIA you aren’t very qualified to do anything outside of the music industry. That’s where my small business comes in. I hope to use my passion for music and audio engineering and turn it into an opportunity to be my own boss. Even if that involves menial audio tasks and corporate gigs, I know I’d be happiest working for myself. Paying my bills with work in my field would be bliss.

I dream of working at Shopify as my “day gig” while I take the years needed to shape my small business into something that can actually support me. Shopify seems like the epitome of a company that I can be truly happy working for. The hard work seems fulfilling and the company seems to actually appreciate the effort their employees are putting in. I consider having a job at Shopify to be conducive to following my dreams as a small business owner, so that’s where I want to be.