The Inspiration for this Company. (Archive 15-April-13)

The development of Shirts on Backwards has been a long time coming. I had my first encounter with mirror image clothing about a year ago when my girlfriend at the time came home from a trip to New York City. She’s a dancer and had picked up some clothing from a dance school she was hoping to one day enroll in (which she will be doing this summer! Very proud!). I don’t know if you know this, but dancers spend quite a bit of time staring in the mirror, and her new wardrobe was made for doing just that! All the writing was written in reverse and I couldn’t help thinking “What a personal kind of clothing to wear!”

This was part one of the process, and had to brew for a while.

Part two of inspirational process came one day while I was working out, because yes, I lift… just not very much weight…

I was wearing a muscle shirt to aid in my ability to check myself out, as I am gorgeous, like all of you. Said muscle shirt has a fox on the front with two eyes, as most foxes do. I found myself staring deep into the eyes of this fox as I focused my strength and pushed out one last painful rep. The deep stare was liberating. “I need to share this revelation with the world” I thought to myself. At the same time I knew the fox had been done, old news! I needed something fresh, and deep down I knew that my face was the only thing that could improve this situation while making this glorious feeling I had stumbled upon accessible to the masses.

Fast forward to today… we have Shirts on Backwards, and I’m that much closer to being a billionaire.

Thanks for coming!

Greg Roberts

Founder, CEO, Face.

Time to Start Thinking like a Warrior (Archive 19-Mar-13)

Yesterday my class was graced with the Skyping presence of ‘Songwriting Hall of Famer’ Desmond Child. This incredibly interesting and insightful character has teamed up with the likes of Aerosmith, Bon Jovi, and Ricky Martin to create songs selling over 300 million copies. With Desmond having a background so vast I was ecstatic to be given the opportunity to pick this man’s brain. I don’t know how well I did, but sure tried to absorb what he had to say.

I found Desmond very relatable right from the get go. He discussed with us what motivated him throughout his life to get up every day and go balls out. One of my dreams is to be able to support my parents when I’m older, pay them back for all the sacrifices they’ve made for me over the years. This is a dream that Desmond worked hard enough to fulfill, and I was touched as he shared what it was like to be able to buy his mom a new place, car, clothes, etc. It really gave us a window into his roots and showed the class how ‘real’ a person can remain, even after gaining the kind of success that Desmond had.

One of Desmond’s strongest lessons for us was to never forget the fact that although music is an art form, choosing to enter the music-industry as a career path is a business decision. This means we can never stop thinking of ourselves as warriors. Warriors create concrete plans for themselves, cover every imaginable base, and go to whatever length needed to progress their career in any way they can. He laid out an interesting strategy of learning everything you can about the business partners of an artist you’d like to work with one day. Find out his lawyer, try to hire that lawyer, find out his barber, get your hair cut by that barber, find out that barber’s best friend and hang out with that dude. I’ve hopped online to try and find some information on one of my idols, deadmau5, and at first glance the information is sparse, but I have a few leads. It appears deadmau5 is represented by the agencies “Richard De La Font agency” from Oklahoma, “William Morris Agency, Inc.” in Beverly Hills, and “Zero Six Thirty Group” in the U.K. This isn’t very in depth information, but it’s a start.

Desmond gave me many other topics to think about, more blogs to come!

Love, Greg